17th Cheltenham Bethesda Guides

WOOOOOOOOOO!!!! We are Bethesda Guides, and here is our blog about what we get up to! Enjoy!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday 29th September

Today we had a Talent Contest at Guides!

We spent the first half practising, and then performed to each other.

This is what everyone did:

  • Helen, Amy and Flo did a dance to Jojo, including Flo playing the flute
  • Amy did a dance (to Jojo again) by herself
  • Hattie spinning her Hula Hoop for ages whilst Cassi threw her a ball and an apple!
  • Alyssa singing
  • Flo playing the flute
  • Sophie doing this comedy thing about chavs

Everyone was really good! Especially well done to Aylssa for overcoming her nerves. In the end the winner was Hattie for her impressive Hula hooping!!!

No guides next week - BIG GIG instead!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday 22nd September

Today we helped Liz do stuff for Ryan's party. We made treasure chest, blew up balloons, inflated various inflatable things and generally mucked around. We also planned for the talent show and our Go for it!s.

See you next week!

Soph xxx

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hello and Welcome!

Bonjour everybody, welcome to...

The 17th Cheltenham Bethesda Guides's blog!!!

Yes that's right... and just incase you didn't quite catch that, I will repeat it again...

The 17th Cheltenham Bethesda Guides's blog!!!

Right, I think you should have got that by now.

...Oh go on then. One more time for emphasis.

The 17th Cheltenham Bethesda Guides's blog!!!

A bit about us
We are a guide unit that meet every Friday at Bethesda church. We currently have 7 guides in the unit who are...

Sophie (me!)

and we have a guider, the fantastical Liz (woo! *applause*) and our young leadery people - Clare and Selma! (*more applause*)

So, as I said, we meet once a week and generally have fun (and/or go a bit hyper). We do lots of activities e.g. going to the cinema, mountain biking, cooking and camping. We're much cooler than the Scouts (It's nothing personal) and we're not Brownies, either. Goodness me, no. We're far more mature than them. *cough*

Just incase you were wondering (although I doubt you were), my name is Sophie, and I'm making this blog as part of my Baden Powell challenge. I hope that you very much like it. If you don't like it... then well that's not my problem ;)

Anyway, we met for the first time this year on Friday. It was our planning meeting, but we started off with a few games such as 'My name is Polly' (of which a one rather stupid person who shall not be named ruined, because they said "My name is Sophie" rather than "My name is Polly") and a game where Liz threw a ball into the air and said a statement. If it was true then you had to run in and catch the ball, but unfortunately some of us did not quite grasp the concept and ran in when the statement did not apply to us. Then we did this thing where you had a piece of paper which had a list of things on such as "milked a cow" and "climbed a mountain". You had to find someone who had done each of these things. It was fun! And random.

Then we got down to the planning and choosing our Go For Its - Stardom and Space.

Cassi turned up right at the end of the meeting because she forgot (tee hee) and then we sang Taps and got our badges from the BT Giant Sleepover and letters for the Big Gig etc. Then we parted our seperate ways to our homes. Woo.

So that's about all the relevant information for the moment. I hope you have enjoyed reading this fantastic first entry - I will try and post every week (if I have time, I do get a lot of homework you know) so that you can keep up with 'the fantastical adventures of the young girls of bethesda - a fairy tale'.

Goodbye guiding sisters!!!